Why people hate the proponents of the Mundane SF bowel movement

Their preachy arrogance.

Their self-deluded truth claims about sci-fi history (it was certainly never about science or technology you ignorant dipshits, hard sci-fi is only a recent trend). Their complete lack of acknowledgment that environmental themes were hardly what anyone would honestly deem absent from the genre before their insipid little self-proclaimed movement came along.

Their accusation that if works of science fiction don’t measure up to their Manifesto, then it can’t possibly environmentally or politically relavent, and that the writers of said fiction never really gave a damn about what is going on now in the first place.

Thier inflated sense of importance of the sci-fi genre, and complete disregard for the fact that readership of sci-fi, and fiction in general has been lowering during the past few decades. Their turth claim about the movement’s supposed future impact on environmental policy, which in fact is naive at best. If they care so much about the survival of our species, why not campaign to get more publishers to use recycled paper? Better yet, why not join or start an environmental activist group instead of posting thier temper tantrums when someone doesn’t write or publish the kind of fiction that they’d like them to?

Their strawmen arguments about the supposed dangers of non-mundane fiction.

Their complete inability to understand why people write, much less read fiction in the first place.

Their scapegoating of science fiction writers for all the worlds environmental ills. Why won’t they blame them for mass rape and genocide while they’re at it?

Their complete inability to understand the fact that some people out there do in fact like escapist entertainment once in a while and can in fact balance that with what is going on the real world. Sure, I’m one of those people who are still disappointed by the lack of sexbots and flying cars, but my life isn’t ruined because of it. I’m fucking 30 for gods sakes. People can and do grow up and go on with their lives.

Their offensively condescending attitude towards readers as though they’re all fucking stupid moronic sheep who can’t distinguish the difference between fiction and reality.

Their inability to understand that fiction isn’t the best place to learn science and technological facts in the place anyway, and that only the really fucking naive get their science education from sci-fi novels. It’s bad enough that there are people out there who honestly believe that The Mists of Avalon was historically accurate, do we really need supposedly hard sci-fi that ends out getting it completely later on to be taken as gospel as well?

Their self-pitying whining whenever their stories are rejected by an editor or publisher. Does it ever occur to them that it isn’t a conspiracy, and their writing just happens to suck so much that even the pulp magazines won’t publish them?

James Nicoll loves pointing out scientific inaccuracies of the people in charge of the Mundane Sci-fi blog (the Earth is in fact an open system, their bashing of Atrophysics, etc), which only makes the Mundanista movement even more pathetic. That aside, the problem with these assholes never had to do with wether or not they have Ph Ds’ in physics or molecular biology. The point here is that they’re really a bunch of self-righteous condescending arrogant little pricks who are more than happy to ignore history and scientific facts when it suites them.

And this, my friends, is what makes the Mundanistas a bunch of goddammed fucking militant, humorless, and annoying asshats for whom beatings are way too good.


~ by whensquirrelsattack on August 11, 2007.

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