A few thoughts about an inane article

I will avoid delving into issues such as censorship or the right to privacy here, but still, I can’t help but find it hilarious that a woman who knowingly signed a confidentiality agreement (legally binding, if I am not mistaken) should have the nerve to complain that she would in the end find herself in legal trouble for even attempting to publish an unauthorized biography of the singer, especially after a bitter fallout with the star.

Let us examin the statements from this piece of work that the kind people at The Daily Mail chose to put up on their website:

…Other celebrities – Madonna, Prince Charles, Nelson Mandela – might be subjected to the scrutiny of a biographer, but not Loreena.

Not even if the author was a close friend of two decades’ standing. She was burning with self-righteous rage and determined to stop me, whatever it took.

Who wouldn’t have that type of motivation if a personal friend of theirs’ who signed a confidentiality agreement decided to violate it?

I put down the phone. I was upset that it had come to this, but felt sure the courts would protect me, however much money Loreena had. I was about to find out just how naive that hope was…

Really, you should be greatful that she wasn’t suing you for a lot more reasons than that.

But as fame and money took over her life, Loreena changed.

At first it was quite subtle; she would sometimes adopt a haughty tone with me that I had never heard before. Then, later, she started yelling at people.

Finally, she and Tim fell out. He had disagreed with her about something and she had told him in no uncertain terms: “I’m the boss. You do as I say.” Tim wasn’t prepared to be spoken to like that and he walked out.

I was devastated and tried to make peace between them, but Loreena wouldn’t budge. Nothing I could do would change her mind.

Could this be because the cult of celebrity turned her into a power-hungry bitch? Or could it be due to the fact that Tim was simply uncooperative and incompetent, or the fact that being friends with her doesn’t nessacarily a good employee/volunteer make? You can’t really tell due to such a vague statement like that here.

In fact, she became even more aggressive and we ended up in another battle with her, this time financial.

Our friendship was at an end and I was left bewildered and hurt. To my mind, fame had stolen my best friend. I was still immensely fond of Loreena and over the next five years I tried to make sense of what had happened.

More vagueness, and I suspect that little financial issue she alludes to is probably due to something that most likely was the fault of Ash in the first place (I have a hunch Ash may of taken advantage of McKennitt’s generosity, but I lack data at the moment to prove it). If she is such a victim here, why won’t she just come out and state the details and expose here now, unless she has something else to hide

The only thing I had was a story that needed telling. A story about friendship and the intoxicating power of celebrity.

For the sake of being realistic, the lesson of this cautionary tale here is about being careful of whom you choose to put your trust into regarding personal information. I can only assume, or at the very least hope, that any up and coming independent artists know better than to associate with the likes of you.

Even though my book was complimentary about her, even glorified her, she felt out of control and wanted it stopped…

…Many were incredibly trivial. One, for example, concerned a story which was the equivalent of revealing that someone had to take aspirin for a headache.

But apparently this was considered a breach of privacy.

What part of violating a business agreement and contract here do you not understand? It doesn’t matter how many good things you have said about her, her issue is about confidentiality, privacy, trust. To quote a passage in a recent interview with McKennitt in Canada.com- She believed if she didn’t protect this particular business contract, then “I might as well chuck them all out and say anything goes.”. And even that aside, according to Loreena’s website, you have had put personal information she trusted you to share with no one about previous partners, and other personal details of her private life that were not as trivial as taking aspirin.

…although characteristic of Fascist Germany…

‘Gotta love it when people go Godwin…

I’ll skip the melodramatic part where she whines about the obvious realities of the British legal system…

…For Loreena, this might mean sending one of her closest friends to jail.

I’m tempted to ask here how Loreena could possibly be your friend now, fallout and legal issues considering. But instead I’ll just say I’d prefer specifics, as to how she might just end up in jail. I’m not trying to imply it’d be impossible here, but like so many of the other statements she’s made in this page, it feels more like an attempt to create melodrama than aiming for genuine facts at hand (being presented with little more but melodramatic but vague statements can do that). I’m open-minded in regards to details I may of missed in this case, but it isn’t helpful that Ash fails to present herself as a truly convincing victim.

While it may be wrong for McKennitt to try to block this book from being published (I doubt that her sales or overall popularity will be affected one way or another no matter how nasty, trashy, or untruthful the book is), I have to question the ethics and motivations of Ms. Ash for writing and releasing it. She comes off as incredibly spiteful, and more than willing to violate both written business and personal agreements for petty reasons. If there is anything to learn from this, anyone who in the public eye would do well by avoiding Ash’s company with a ten-foot pole. May Niema Ash live with the reputation that she so richly deserves.


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